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Many people have harrowing, even exasperating experiences as they struggle to find accessible housing. We present some of their stories here in the hope that they raise public awareness and spur change about the need for accessible housing.

Tracy's Story
"I would be long dead if I never had accessible housing."
Reading in Braille
Benjamin's Story
"... This discrimination should not be allowed ... everyone should have the right to access the housing they desire."
Wheelchair Ramp
Audrey's Story
"I don’t know why accessible housing isn’t talked about, isn’t considered important."
Empty apartment
Diana's Story
“We need a fully accessible space.”
House Plan
Image by Rollz International
Heather and Justice's Story
"... When the flood happened, especially with all of Justice’s health issues, the family should have been moved immediately."
Apartments Icon
Jane's Story
"After years of meetings, planning sessions, recruitment, and hiring staff we opened our Housing and Daycare Co-operatives."
Woman in Wheelchair at Beach
Jody's Story
"It turns out that private seniors’ residences are exempt from any Quebec accessibility construction code requirements."
Jody's Story, part 2
"People who use mobility aids frequently find themselves vulnerable to the whims of their landlords."
Madeline's Story
"Her mental health was worsening, and she felt like a prisoner."

Margaret's Story

"I am fortunate in being able to 'stay in place.'"

Children and Teacher in Kindergarten

Rachel's Story

" ... Carrying my son up and down stairs created a lot of dangerous situations."

Marion's Story
"There was NOTHING that I saw going from eastern Canada, all the way to western Canada that I could afford to buy and tear up to re-build."
Shelley's Story
"I also had to locate a new home that was not full of toxins."
Sylvie's Story
"With a universally accessible home, I would no longer need to depend on others."
Sal's Story
"An accessible home is one I can enter without steps, live in without barriers, and stay in until death do us part."
Ann's Story
"I need to act preemptively and find a place."
Edgar's Story
"... That is a fight I'm willing to engage in."
Matthew's Story
"We need grants to help low-income people to build universal design housing."
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