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A collaboration of non-profit Canadian organizations, advocating in support of people of all ages to live as they wish, in housing that is fully accessible. 

Our mission is to ensure that, whatever their age or ability, every person in Canada can live in housing

that is fully accessible. To this end, we call on every level of government to make universal design mandatory in every unit in all new multi-unit

residential buildings. 

We invite individuals and other groups to support our campaign by contacting their elected representatives

at all levels -- municipal, provincial, and federal.

For a list of the Steering Committee members,

click here.

We are proud to have 71 member organizations joining us in the campaign for accessible housing. 


Click here to sign our petition to the Ontario Legislative Assembly, calling for accessible housing.



Click here to sign our federal petition.


Latest News

New Brunswick has frozen nursing home admissions.  No one currently living at home is eligible.  They state a 30-day hold, but they seem to forget that all those rooms previously promised are now occupied ... so it could be years before the room is available.

The Federal Housing Advocate, Marie-Josée Houle, has written to the Federal Minister of Housing, calling for all the housing in the new "Catalogue" program to be accessible or easily adaptable. 

You'll find the letter at this link: 

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